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About Us

KTS (Kaleem Tank Service) are Pakistan based Water Tank Cleaning Specialist , Pest Control Management Specialist and Heat & Water Proofing Specialist of all type of Industrial , Commercial and Residential areas. 

We Offer Our Services of all kind of  Residential & Commercial Houses, Flats, Portions, Apartment, Town House, Office, Factories, Colleges, Hostels, Gardens , Park, Streets , Blocks, e.t.c.

KTS Tank Cleaning Service

Kaleem tank services are Pakistan based water tank cleaning specialist of all types of Industrial water storage tanks used for drinking water. These include concrete, plastic, poly, fiberglass, & galvanized iron water tanks.

We can improve poor water quality; ie. Smelly, bad tasting, tainted, or discolored drinking water, and guarantee to remove the buildup of sediment from the floor of your water tank, leaving you and your family with clean, clear, safe water. .

KTS Termite Control Service

KTS Pakistan best Leading company to about environment maintenance company delivering high quality, highly effective products and services for  termite Control management, including mosquitoes, ants, rats, cockroaches,Rodent, Houseflies,Cat Fleas,Bed Bugs, Dog ticks, Bookilce ,Bees, Hornets, Snakes, termites using the latest in termite management science and techniques.
We are termite control specialist and we can resolve any of your termite problems with our vast experiences. 


KTS Heat & water Proofing service

KTS  Pakistan best Company play role in Water Proofing Services Product and Roof Heat Proofing Services in all kind of Manufacture, Business and Residetial Areas.We are Specialist in what we are offer for their honourable clients for past Several years.

We are well-equipped with all the material required to make the roofs waterproof, which is 100% imported with no side effects and easy application on all surfaces including iron, Rcc, cement sheet etc.

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