Obviously signs of active infestations cannot be found very easily, perhaps you probably won’t notice termites activities, because they feed from inside. Traces of termites include fallen wings, the wood (door, beams, wooden flooring) that sounds empty when tapped, cracked or bubbling paint and termite droppings that look like sawdust (powder).

Termites feed on cellulose-based material that includes wood, books, boxes, furniture and drywall. And termites can channel hundreds of feet through the soil or damage complete wooded materials until severe damage is done. Expertise anti-termite treatment is the best way to eliminate these pests and truly protect your property.

Inspection and Protection in Perth Protecting against termites

Termite treatment requires expert knowledge and specialised equipment to form a complete and continuous barrier to protect the building from termite entry and infestation. Termite colonies work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and signs of termite infestations can go undiscovered until damage is done.Termites are extremely well organised and they can find a way inside any structure, regardless of its construction. That’s why it is very important to have your property treated by a professional.

All our termite treatments and inspections in Perth are carried out in accordance with the current Government regulations and Australian Standards 3660. termite insepctions perth 

STEP 1     A complete termite inspection of a perth property, home and roof structure is performed before any treatments are carried to see if there is any past or present termite activity. 

STEP 2     Drill and apply the chemical termite proofing by injecting the soil along and around the external perimeter area of the building or treat soil around walls and piers in the sub-floor. 

STEP 3     General tremite treatment (Spiders, Ants, Roaches, Rats etc) as specified in your service agreement.

What attract termites?

Moisture: The Run-off moisture, the drainage condensation under home.

Food: Wood house framing, wooden flooring, debris in crawl space, stumps, landscape timbers, mulch.

Access: Minute cracks on your walls, concrete blocks or basement foundations and around utility pipes.

Temperature: Controlled temperatures (A/C) having create favorable conditions for termites year-round.

Our termite control services

Our termite control services have proven to be the most effective in the industry as we have built our reputation on complete termite proofing for both residential and commercial properties.

Did you know that Termite Treatment is less costly than termite damage? Compared to the damage termites usually cause, it is worth investing in proper Termite Treatment.

Termites are without a doubt among the most devastating parasites around, and removing them is extremely crucial when it concerns protecting your asset from long-term and costly damage.

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